Purple Router

Smart VPN Router is Now Available

Enhance your smart home network with a single, secure router for
seamless connectivity and protection against cyber threats.

Why Choose Purple Smart VPN Router?

The Purple Smart VPN Router is a robust network security device that easily connects to your ISP and provides a wide range of features.


Having a built-in VPN router ensures you're ready for evolving digital landscapes and can tackle emerging security challenges.

Enhanced Security

The Purple Smart VPN Router uses advanced encryption protocols to protect your online privacy and data from cyber threats.

Parental Control

Ensure your child's online safety and control their internet usage by categorizing web pages, setting limited access, and blocking malicious sites on their device.

Easily Shield Your Network and Devices from Potential Threats

Boost your signal strength in dead spots at home or in the office with high-performance Wi-Fi 6 internet.

Faster speeds, lower latency, and better support for multiple devices.

It can improve the range and strength of your WiFi signal in a number of ways.

Eliminates dead spots and provides better coverage.

Protect your whole home with a
Purple VPN Router


  • What is a Purple VPN Router?
  • Purple VPN Router is pre-configured with Purple VPN, a specific VPN service. It provides secure and private internet access for all devices connected to your network.
  • What are the benefits of using a Purple VPN Router?
  • Enhanced online security, protection against malicious website attacks, privacy safeguards, and the freedom to bypass geo-restrictions by using a Purple VPN Router. Connect multiple devices to enjoy these benefits simultaneously.
  • Can I use a Purple VPN Router with my existing router?
  • Yes, you can use a Purple VPN Router alongside your existing router. This allows you to choose which devices connect through the VPN while others use your regular network.
  • Can I connect gaming consoles and streaming devices to a Purple VPN Router?
  • Yes, you can connect gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other devices to a Purple VPN Router, ensuring secure and private access on these devices.

Your Security Is Our Priority

Rethink your digital privacy with a Wi-Fi router that securely connects all your smart home devices. The Purple router offers VPN protection for all your household devices, including those that don't normally support VPN. Simply plug it in and follow our set-up guide to enjoy 24/7 privacy and protection for all your devices.

Wi-Fi optimization

Anti-Hacking Protection

Device Management

Health Mode

Upgrade Assistance

Family Shield

Parental Control

The Purple Smart VPN Router blocks access to specific websites and apps

Screen Time

Take control of your digital life by effectively managing the time you spend on your devices.

Content Manage

Customize your browsing experience by filtering and managing the content that you and your family are exposed to.

Ads Blocker

Get rid of annoying and intrusive ads, making browsing faster and more enjoyable.

Safe Search

Protect yourself and your loved ones from inappropriate or harmful content with our safe search feature.

Web Filter

Create a safe online environment by blocking websites that are known to contain explicit or harmful content.

Browser History

Easily track and manage your browsing history for a seamless and personalized online experience.

Benefits of a VPN connection

The Purple Smart VPN Router provides a detailed view of all traffic on your network, including which devices are connected and what they are doing.

Multiple locations

Connect to our VPN servers in numerous global locations for unrestricted access.

Easy to use

Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free VPN experience for everyone.

Uninterrupted VPN

Enjoy a seamless browsing experience with our uninterrupted VPN service.

Build for fast VPN

Experience lightning-fast speeds and smooth connectivity with our high-performance VPN.

Flexible Plans

Choose from a range of flexible plans to suit your needs.

Interested in our whitelabeled VPN Router for your business

Feel free to reach us if you’re interested in our white label service and get your quote now!