Why Opt For IPTV For Hotel Industry ?

The Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is popularly used for the delivery of the television programs by using the internet protocol. IPTV is the standardized system of delivering the digital television service to the subscriber by using the Internet Protocol Technology or through internet service or broadband connection. The IPTV is used to display the media content on the screen for which the cable connection is not required from any cable operator. You just need a subscription plan that is being provided by the IPTV provider.

The IPTV used in the hotel and resort industry offers a quality audio and video information that is being transmitted over the internet connection. Our single platform IPTV delivers all the important information and messages that keeps the customers informed and engaged. We provide IPTV solution for the hotel industry that can deliver the video-on-demand, live TV and live events to the guests on the screens to keep the guest entertained and highly engaged. The IPTV can display information regarding the additional hotel services, pre-booking appointments of spa and pre-reserving table facilities. This makes the guests more interested in your service promoting business growth and brand. 

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for the Internet Protocol Television. The service provided through the IPTV platform is managed through the network. There different types of IPTV solutions that helps in controlling the video traffic. It is more reliable than the public internet. It is used with the other IP-based services and can be compared to the internet TV. The service offers the TV programming and video content.

IPTV is a simple platform that streams your favorite content through an internet connection instead of receiving TV programs from a cable connection. You can download the content and play the video at the same time simultaneously. The user can watch the program either on the computer or mobile device. We have the Purple IPTV solution where we provide the software and not the content that is being streamed on the IPTV.

IPTV service offers multiple TV channels with the help of an internet connection. The service provided is free of cost otherwise it requires a monthly subscription fee. You can even schedule your favorite TV shows or programs according to the time that you consider as most suitable. IPTV has an array of collection of movies, web series, shows etc. 

Benefits of Using IPTV

There are many reasons why any business or any private individual should use the IPTV platform. The IPTV content remains with the host network that is played only on the request of the user unlike the TV which is connected by the conventional cable network. The user by using the IPTV system can watch the videos on demand which displays the need of a strong host network.

Some of the prime benefits of using the IPTV service are :-

  1. IPTV can be used with any IP-based service with the help of a high speed internet. It plays the pre-recorded videos and live videos and audios that can be played over the IPTV.
  2. IPTV uses the current network which does not require any cable connection. Due to the video format in the IPTV the user has wide range of videos that he can choose from the host network.
  3. There is an interesting feature of IPTV which is known as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that can be easily customized according to the consumer needs. This has very fine rich-features that includes rewinding, pausing and forwarding. The user can record the TV programs while watching it.
  4. IPTV is compatible with all the devices that may include the LCD displays, computers, projectors and TVs. It projects high video quality and the TV channels are not limited by the cable. You can watch all your favorite shows from any device using a secured internet connection.
  5. You have a proper control over the IPTV content that is played over the internet. You can easily control the content that want to watch. The content and the data is highly secured and protected by us.
  6. IPTV allows an integration with other TVs and video sources without even compromising with the quality and creating a less expensive extension system. It is flexible and scalable in offering solution.
  7. Internet Protocol TV focuses on the user experience. It offers a smooth and hassle free service that is primarily focused upon the content broadcasting. The host network can improve the content and display quality for a better user experience. 

Benefits of Using IPTV in Hotel Business

The hotel or hospitality industry has gained a lot from the use of effective IPTV solutions. It offers customized IPTV services to clients. The users or customers can select the video of their choice to get them streamed on the IPTV platform.

Some of the benefits of using IPTV in the hotel and resorts business are :-

Quality Presentations
When it comes to offering IPTV service in the hotel business or hospitality industry it has tremendous significance in it. While you are catering to the needs of your guests the primary importance is of a quality hotel room experience and room service. In the hotel room there must be a presentation of the content on a display screen that is of high resolution quality in order to impress the customers it is only possible with IPTV. The guests must be able to enjoy their favorite shows, live tv, videos-on-demand and shall be able to receive the messages on time with seamless solutions.

In hospitality industry, it is important to prioritize the needs of the customers where entertainment is the most basic needs of the guests. With the help of the IPTV solution you can offer the guests with high quality entertainment content. The customers can watch the videos-on-demand whenever they want. There are many guests who prefer to stay in the hotel rooms instead of going for sight seeing. If they get quality content being displayed on the IPTV then they definitely prefer to stay back in the hotel rooms. This increases the chances of them pre-booking your hotel for the next time as well for a comfortable stay. This directly has a positive affect on the revenue of your hotel business.
IPTV channels also streams the live sports and other live events like Olympics, Asian Games, Pageants etc. It therefore helps in streaming such content on the TV screens without any delay which entertains the guests while they are in their hotel rooms. IPTV meets the satisfaction level of the hotel guests and offers seamless solution with hassle free user experience.

Easier Branding
The IPTV solution automatically replaces the traditional methods of displaying content which aids in promotion of your brand. The workers in the hospitality industry has many options for branding and you can provide customers with videos containing branding messages. Such branding messages shall help in promoting your business values and ethics. If there are some important messages that you want to deliver to your guests that can be easily done by using the in-room televisions.

Improved Convenience
When the guests in your hotel receives high quality IPTV solutions they get an easy and direct access to important information. They do not have to keep on looking for the hotel staff or manager for receiving every single detail. It not only increases the convenience of the guests but also promotes the brand loyalty of your business. The guests gets more inclined in coming back to your hotel for a longer stay on the basis of their previous experience. It streamlines the entertainment which enhances the experience of the guests.

Budget Efficiency
Your hotel business has the best possible chances of blooming in the future years if our work on the promotion of your brand and improving the customer experience. Hire the best of experienced and professional IPTV provider who can provide the best services and can integrate the IPTV with the modern and advanced technologies. This enhances the overall customer experience which is also cost-effective at the same time. They can also offer unlimited number of endpoints for the desktop without compromising the connectivity. If your IPTV provider offers highly scalable, cost-efficient, and flexible designs this directly helps in generating greater business revenues.

Showcase your facilities and amenities
IPTV is the perfect solution for demonstrating all your hotel services and amenities on the big TV screen in their hotel rooms. You can advertise your hotel amenities like the spa center, swimming pool, gym or fitness center etc. You can display the location of all the facilities that is being provided by your hotel and advertise your optional extras and upgrades. Your IPTV can be the perfect solution for advertising the additional services, spa packages, guided tours and other informational service which acts as the marketing platform for your hotel business. When the customers receives attractive video display of such services they tend to book your hotel again and again increasing the business revenue.

Promotion of city’s top attractions
Your IPTV can promote quickly all the top tourist attractions in your city. IPTV can promote all the heritage buildings, theme parks, museums, beaches and many other tourist spots which gives quick information to the guests about the top sight seeing spots in the city.

IPTV gives your hotel it’s own tourism channel for displaying specific tourism attractions and sights. It can be in the form of a photo slide show or videos in a high quality beautiful HD quality. If your hotel offers any tour service with guide the IPTV can encourage the guests to make pre-bookings and increase the revenue of your business.
Your IPTV can provide a wide range of local, regional and foreign language channels that can address the needs of the guests coming from any location of the world. The guests coming from the different countries will not face any language barrier as they can also choose the content of their choice in their own language. This shall increase the overall customer experience.