IPTV is Internet Protocol Television that is very similar to our traditional broadcasting of TV channels but still, they are different from each other. It is the distribution of television services over the internet as opposed to the traditional cable or satellite. IPTV has been around since 1995 and is widely used for the past few years. As the use of high-speed internet increases, IPTV has become very popular which is an alternative to a standard television.

We enjoy staying at home with our friends and family and watching our favorite TV shows, series, and movies. Every person has a different system to fulfill their entertainment needs as they can watch their favorite content on different TV systems. Since the internet has taken over our lives swiftly it has a special place when it comes to serving the entertainment needs of the people. With internet facility, the speed has become of the utmost importance as a result 5G is the best option that is speedy and not because it is faster. With a high-speed internet connection, you can watch TV shows, series, and movies unlimitedly. While the internet is becoming advanced day after day with faster upload and download times due to a 5G connection.

In the following blog, we shall highlight and discuss the definition and meaning of IPTV, the definition, and meaning of traditional cable TV, and the reasons why IPTV must be chosen over a cable TV network.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for “internet protocol television” which is very similar to the television programs that are being communicated using the (IP) internet protocol. It is a replacement for the traditional cable or satellite TV where the broadcasters send out signals in real-time. It is a live broadcast of content that is missed if not watched live unless there is some sort of recording device. The traditional cable allows you to watch only what is available at that time.

While IPTV is different in terms of its service and content as the content is not transmitted over any fiber-optic cable or satellite or radio waves rather it is only sent over a standard internet connection. The content is rather distributed through an internet connection which is obtained from a preferred IPTV service provider. IP network offers a high flexibility level within the network in comparison to the traditional way of connectivity. This shall allow the end-users to gain more control and options to interact and personalize their experience. This is a TV broadcast where the content is distributed over the internet. The content is highly customizable in IPTV where the programs are scheduled and you can choose content whenever you want.

What is Cable TV?

Cable television can transmit the signals through the optic fiber cables that plugin directly to the TV set or cable box while using analog or digital signals. It is any system that distributes television signals and is different from the digital TV as it transmits high-quality digitally encoded signals rather than unconventional analog methods.

Cable television is a system of delivering the television programming to consumers that are achieved through radio frequency signals that are transmitted over the optic cables on in more recent systems, light pulses through fiber-optic cables.

Why Choose IPTV Over Cable TV?

  1. Consumers Are Tired of Expensive Cable Bills
    Just even a few years ago traditional cable television was pretty popular when it came to watching the latest current events and being able to watch any high-quality programming. In the case of IPTV, the case is not very similar as you can watch content only online, and is less expensive in comparison to the traditional cable TV service. IPTV is slowly gaining popularity by producing original content that can not be found anywhere else. When there is original content in the form of shows or series the platform keeps on getting popularity. While cable television offers limited content and also cable companies have had a certain monopoly in terms of television content for decades and the high price for television connections has risen the popularity of IPTV.
  2. Price of Internet Continues to Drop
    Whenever we have to make the choice between an IPTV and OTT service as a user the first choice that we need to make is the price. The cable connection is much more expensive in comparison to the secured internet connection plan and its price is constantly dropping as the internet is becoming high-speed. Since IPTV delivers content through a secured internet connection it has gained much more popularity over the years. As internet prices are getting low and their internet service provider has begun to even offer free internet service IPTV has gained immense popularity in comparison to the traditional TV set.
  3. Mobile Internet Access Is Important
    People can access the internet even from their mobile devices and there is no need for personal computers. When it comes to watching your favorite shows, movies, and channels you would never want to be tied to your sofa in front of the television. The content access must be available from any location and at any time of the day from the comfort of the consumers. With a large number of IPTV providers, there is a variety of content that is provided over an internet connection. The viewers can easily watch their content on their tablets, smartphones, and from almost every place.
  4. IPTV Providers Are Cheaper
    Most IPTV providers offer very affordable options for their content. This allows the viewers to access all sorts of content at any time of the day rather than being locked to a particular time to watch their favorite show and wait for it to go on air. Most people are busy in their daily schedules due to which they prefer to consume content according to the time chosen by them. While the traditional cable TV does not allow you to watch content on the different devices and also does not work on any secured internet connection.
  5. IPTV Offers a Wide Variety of Content
    IPTV providers are known for providing a wide variety of content online that is not available on a normal cable or satellite television service. The IPTV platform usually has a clean user interface with a wide variety of content ranging from series, live tv, and movies. On top of that, all the content is segregated into different categories and also allows the viewer to mark their favorites. He can choose from any of the available genres to watch the content. While traditional cable tv offers you limited content at an expensive price.
  6. Saves Cost For Businesses
    Another added advantage of using IPTV service is that it can easily bridge the gaps between people. The companies are using IPTV to broadcast the conferences, meetings, conferences, and training which can easily reduce the overall cost. This IPTV service can typically save a lot of cost for the majority of companies as they do not need to physically make the employees travel to attend the various events as it can be easily conducted virtually. All these business meetings and trips are pretty expensive affairs and they can easily be avoided by conducting events over the screen. All the content can be distributed to the employees from one central location. An IPTV is not much expensive and also adds benefits to consumers and businesses can stand to benefit from this technology.


After having closely studied cable tv and IPTV we can conclude that IPTV has a better position in terms of catering to the needs of the viewers and fulfilling their entertainment needs. IPTV is not limited when it comes to offering content in high-resolution quality depending upon the plan that has been provided to you by your IPTV service provider. With the right amount of bandwidth, IPTV must be a better choice when compared to the other forms of entertainment platforms. It offers the convenience of watching from any location and on your selected devices with full HD quality images. It is compatible with most devices unlike the traditional setup of entertainment like the TV sets. The internet cost is very less when compared to the cable Tv connection as the internet service provider offers specific internet plans that you can choose according to your budget. In any case, platforms like IPTV are more suitable than traditional cable TV.