How to create Purple IPTV account.

In this tutorial,  I will show you how to create Purple IPTV account.

  1. Tap to Login – First, User have to click on IPTV Application in device. User have to click on Login button for registration to the application.

2. Creating Account – Opening for the first time of Purple IPTV application, User have to click on the Register button for create Registration Account.

If user have already Login of Purple IPTV application, then use the Login button.

If user don’t want to create the Login or Registration, then user can click on Skip button for avoid the procedure of creating account.

3. Registration Account – Creating Registration account for first time, user have to enter in three fields.

i.e. User id, Password and Confirm Password.

As you can see in above image,

User id – mitali , Password – **** and Confirm Password – ****

Password and Confirm Password field will be same. It will Create the Account of Purple IPTV Application.

4. Login Account – If user have already registration account ,then go to the Login for login in to the Purple IPTV Application. No need to do registration.

As you can see in above image,

User id – mitali , Password – 1234

It will take a few seconds for connecting to the application.

5. Registered Account – If User have created successfully Registration Account, then it will display the Registered “User Id – mitali” which is already given at the time of registration.

For Logout the Purple IPTV Application, Click on the Logout which is in Right upper corner.

Go to the next page, Click on “Free To Air Channels” button.

6. Show all Channels – It is display all channels like Live TV, EPG, Movies, Series etc. User can search with using of the search option which is first in this page.

For Back to previous page, user have to click on logout button which is in the right upper corner.

7. Logout from the Application – It is displaying user is Logout from the Purple IPTV Application. There isn’t display the User Id which is seen while user is login into the Purple IPTV Application. User is successfully Logout from the Purple IPTV Application.

In above image, user can login again.

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