How to connect VPN and Select Country to for VPN.

This tutorial is explain How to connect VPN and Select Country for VPN.

  1. Login to the App – If User have to registration account then , go to login with using the login id and password.

As you can see in above image, Login id – mitali and password – ****

Click on the “FREE TO AIR CHANNELS” for go to the next page.

2. Go to the VPN – For connect to the VPN, user have to tap to the VPN button of Purple IPTV Application.

3. Select Country – User can select any countries by selecting the server name and then go to the connect button to connect selected country to VPN.

4. Choose Country – Here, you can see the lists of the countries. Scroll the lists and select country which user want to connect to VPN.

5. Connected Successfully – User is select country India to connect VPN. See the message for connected successfully.

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